Your Path to Home Ownership

What is Affordable Housing?

Many perceive that ‘Affordable Housing’ is about providing low cost or low-quality housing for the poor. This is simply not true.

'Affordable housing payments’ might be a better description of how the Path to Home Ownership program works. The company provides housing with monthly payment of equal to or less than one-third of a family’s combined monthly gross income. Therefore ‘Affordable Housing’ is not just a description of the housing that qualifies, but also a description of what a person or family can afford.

We only offer a person or family, housing they can sustain based on their current income. The company looks at your income and other financial obligations to determine what monthly price range and price point you can qualify for. The company then works with you to help you find the perfect home for you and your family, one you can eventually own, inside of your budget.

Our Purpose

Currently, over 100 MILLION families and individuals in America do not own a home of their own. This is the lowest ownership rate in over 70 years.

The reason is that 80% of Americans today cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. This fact presents a real barrier to advancing the ideals of owning a slice of the American Dream.

Path to Home Ownership was designed to educate then connect individuals and families who are looking to someday own a home with an experienced and qualified company, who wants to do good by providing affordable housing to the public.

If you're looking to own your own home, look no further. Welcome to your personal Path to Home Ownership.

What Types of Affordable Housing Programs Does Path To Home Ownership Offer?

Are you wondering where to find homes? Do you want to get into your own home in less time? The company offers Lease-to-Buy (Lease with Option to Buy), Owner Financing (Agreement For Deed), and Cash Sale (New Bank Loan) options. Everyone is given a plan to follow so that eventually owning a home is possible.

You are placed in the company's membership program starting at the level you can afford now based on your initial investment. Then you are given options and opportunities to boost to the next membership level until you can eventually buy the home.

The Program Steps to Home Ownership:

1. Silver Level: Lease-to-Own

Are The Lease-to-Buy (Lease with Option to Buy) option gives prospective homeowners the opportunity to obtain housing now while they work towards repairing credit issues and building the necessary down payments needed to qualify for a traditional bank loan. With a small down payment, you can actually move into your home now and earn a fixed monthly credit towards the ultimate purchase of your new home. Once you've improved your credit standing and down payment situation you can easily move into the Owner Financing program or straight to a traditional low-interest bank loan and own the exact home you've been living in.

Try Before You Buy

The Path to Home Ownership Lease-to-Buy (Lease with Option to Buy) program is perfect for those people with credit issues or who haven't been able to save a down payment yet but want to start building towards home ownership now. Additionally, this program is excellent for those who have just moved to a new area and simply want to test out the neighborhood before committing to a home purchase.

2. Gold Level: Owner Financing

Path to Home Ownership Gold level members are eligible for our in-house financing program. This program affords alternative financing to individuals and families looking to purchase their own home now. The company is trained to examine and evaluate every one of our clients unique situations and needs to create their own individual Path to Home Ownership based on the level of payment you can afford and sustain long term. The company's Gold level members enjoy money-saving tax deductions while building their credit score towards a traditional low-interest bank loan. We even place our Gold level customers with qualified and experienced mortgage professionals to help find the right mortgage for your individual needs. The company's goal is to help clients achieve the reality of home ownership sooner, and put them on the path to long-term financial success with their home.   


Find In-House Financing in Your Area

Are you looking to purchase a home in your area now? Not sure if you'll qualify for a traditional bank loan but know you're ready to buy now? Click on the apply now button to learn more about owner financing options with the Path to Home Ownership program and to find available homes for sale in your neighborhood. The company will review your application and get back to you shortly with a list of available properties in your area.

Don't wait, apply now!

3. Platinum Level: Traditional Cash Sale

The Path to Home Ownership program wasn't designed simply for renters looking to start down The Path to Home Ownership. The program was designed to help home buyers at any level achieve quality, affordable housing for their family. The company has many homes available for purchase today to qualified buyers. the company will help you work with the mortgage companies to obtain the best possible mortgage program for you and move you into your new home faster.

Start at the level you can afford and move your way into home ownership sooner...

Helping Renters Become Buyers

Whether you are a renter, first-time home buyer, or have owned several homes before, the Path to Home Ownership program was designed to provide you with the best opportunity to obtain your own home. If you have credit or financial issues that need to be resolved prior to purchasing, or if you are ready to apply for a traditional bank or FHA loan now, the company has the right program to help get you into the home of your dreams right away. Click on the apply now button to get the 'ball rolling'.

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What Do Affordable Housing Providers Do?

They simply find and offer housing that matches what a person or family can afford whether it is a house for rent or a lease-to-buy (lease with option to buy) the company has options for you.

How is that different than what Landlords do?

Landlords give tenants housing but provide no future path for that tenant to eventually own a home. Believing that home ownership advances the person, the family and society in a positive way. The company offers a plan to allow Path to Home Ownership members to advance and grow into home ownership.

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Helping responsible, well-deserving individuals and families to end up with Home Ownership, regardless of credit or financial background.


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