Welcome to your Path To Home Ownership

The Path To Home Ownership (PTHO) offers many valuable benefits that can serve you very well in helping you advance yourself and your family towards the dream of home ownership.

1. Personal Services

You’ll be assigned your own personal friendly trained local Affordable Housing Provider housing counselor that will analyze your information and place you into the PTHO program that is right for you, right now. Don’t worry – we have a program for everyone – even if you don’t have enough money to put down on a house now.

2. Guidance

Guidance: We’ll send you ‘Members only’ information that explains more about the program and guides you on the next steps. When the time is right we’ll place you with a licensed specialist that will work to get you the best mortgage.

3. Education

Members receive your own personal copy of the best selling book “Never Pay Rent Again™” - the Path To Home Ownership® to learn more about buying a home.

4. Training

You’ll receive ‘Members Only’ video training on how to get yourself in a position to qualify for a loan.

 5. Credit Restoration

As a member you’ll receive a review of your credit. This may show that you can improve your score and lower your out of pocket costs on Auto Insurance and interest on Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Student Loans and yes – getting a low interest home loan when the time is right. We refer you to a non-profit organization that are experts at improving credit scores.

6. First Look

Members get ‘First Look’ status on all properties being purchased by the company to choose the home that is just right for you.

7. Custom Buy

Members get our ‘Custom Buy’ service as the company will seek to buy a property that is right for you – the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and location you prefer. No obligation – you can chose it or let it pass on to another PTHO client.

 8. Earn Credits

Members can earn credit towards their down payment / purchase price by agreeing to do some or all of the repairs on a property.


Everyone who joins us now receives the Platinum Savings Card™ Membership that gives weekly discounts at over 131,000 grocery stores, and 91,000 restaurants, discounts on gift cards, discounts on prescriptions, and more! Over $100 Value!

Are you serious about having a better life for yourself and your family? Isn’t now the best time to right your ship, get expert support, and have a plan?
Join the PTHO Membership today! It’s only $50 per person and we’ll go right to work to serve your needs. Click below to submit your membership fee.

Note: While we'd love to do this for everyone our time and resources only allow us to focus on those that join the membership.

*Due to state laws the program may differ slightly in some states.